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Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston

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Landscape Gardening Calendar HoustonLandscape Gardening Calendar Houston : JANUARY

  • Good time for planting trees and shrubs
  • Begin pruning trees and summer flowering shrubs
  • Make pre-emergent applications to control early spring weeds
  • Fertilize ryegrass

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : FEBRUARY

  • Continue pruning trees and summer flowering shrubs
  • Plants cool season flowers, cannas & daylillies
  • Cut back all perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Apply ant bait late February
  • Transplant any plants not in bloom
  • Trim back roses

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : MARCH

  • Continue pruning perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Fertilize bedding plants
  • Scalp and remove dead growth from lawn
  • Fertilize lawn late March
  • Begin installing new perennials & petunias

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : APRIL

  • Begin mulching beds
  • Continue installing new perennials
  • Apply iron if chlorosis is evident
  • Prune flowers as they finish blooming

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : MAY

  • Water deeply once a week if it doesn’t rain
  • Continue mulching
  • Prune shrubs as necessary
  • Fertilize flowering plants
  • Seriously consider installing a sprinkler system now before the Summer drought takes its toll

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : JUNE

  • Fertilize lawns again in late June
  • Increase watering to twice a week or as needed, be sure rain sensors are working properly
  • Prune shrubs as necessary

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : JULY

  • Time to plant Zinnias and Vinca Periwinkle
  • Installing lawns or planting shrubs, trees and perennials is stressful to plants and demands lots of water
  • Watering every 3 days is recommended or as plants or lawn begin to show signs of stress

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : AUGUST

  • Too hot & dry to plant anything
  • Keep plants and flowers pruned as needed
  • Be sure to always water in the early morning hours

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : SEPTEMBER

  • Make pre-emergent applications to control cool season weeds
  • Fertilize lawn and bedding plants
  • Sod in your lawn before winter arrives
  • You may be able to cut back on watering
  • Begin scalping in late September for winter rye if rain is adequate
  • You may wish to enhance your landscape add security with outdoor lighting as the days grow shorter

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : OCTOBER

  • Plant fall and winter flowers such as pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, petunias, ornamental cabbage & kale.
  • Divide Iris tat is too thick and transplant to new location
  • Remove seed heads from Micanthus grass
  • Overseed with perennial ryegrass & fertilize
  • It time to schedule your Christmas light installations
  • Treat for brown patch in St. Augustine

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : NOVEMBER

  • Christmas light installations begin
  • Continue to treat for brown patch in St. Augustine
  • Plant trees & shrubs
  • Install bulbs

Landscape Gardening Calendar Houston : DECEMBER

  • Great time for planting trees & shrubs
  • Continue Christmas light installations for those last minute callers
  • Most plants begin to go dormant about December 15 & will remain so for the next two months
  • Begin major tree trimming