Backyard Landscaping Sugarland

Backyard Landscaping Sugarland : Landscaping Design and Installation

Backyard Landscaping Sugarland : Landscaping Design and Installation

Sugar Land Landscape designs provide maximum enjoyment and careful planning into the design. Our landscape designers merges functionality and aesthetics, combining symmetry, harmony, proportion, and unity in the design. The end result is increased property value, and a much more appealing livable space.

Unity should be seen in the residential landscape design, and is achieved through repetitiveness and consistency of materials used. Having a residential landscape design theme, whether it is a color scheme or deciding to have an overall theme produces unity through its elements.

Both plant and non-plant elements in the design can achieve unity by combining texture, colors, height, and size to achieve natural blending.

Color is the life of the whole landscape design. The colors we choose dictate the overarching theme, mood or atmosphere. Warm colors in the garden such as red, yellow, and orange stand out more, while cooler colors such as blue, green, and purple tend to blend with the background.

Our Landscape designers are open to change. Do not worry; feel free to call us to discuss your landscaping needs in Sugar Land and surrounding areas.

Backyard Landscaping Sugarland : Renovate your existing landscape for less

Landscaping on a budget is our expertise! Renovating your landscape may be the answer you are looking for. We use existing plantings, rocks and small trees and shrubs. We remove and re-position them in your landscape to achieve the desire look for your landscape. By reusing existing items in your landscape we can keep the cost down and the quality up, by giving you a new and mature landscape.

Backyard Landscaping Sugarland : Custom Outdoor Lighting

Sugar Land Landscaping : BDH Landscaping has the knowledge of fixture placement and lamp capabilities to properly enhance your property. Picture soft moonlight falling through trees canopy and cascading across your stone patio. Perhaps you want to dramatize that live oak in your backyard. Special up lighting can cast its mighty braches in high relief. Path lighting can highlight smaller plantings and walkways providing safe and secure access for your guests and family members. That’s the power of low voltage Landscape Lighting. You can rest assured we will provide you with a professionally designed landscape lighting system. We will take the time to design a plan that conforms to your desires and highlights the important aspects of you home and landscape.

Backyard Landscaping Sugarland : Custom Water Features

A small company producing big things, we can adapt and give you just exactly the type of custom water feature you need. Whether you need a stock fountain, stream, Koy pond or a custom fountain created from a consultation, we are here to provide you with a level of service and integrity that will put a smile on your face and a fountain in your location.