Backyard Landscaping River Oaks

Backyard Landscaping River Oaks - Luxury Landscaping River Oaks Houston Landscaper

Residential Landscaping River Oaks, Memorial and Carlton Woods

Backyard Landscaping River Oaks – Luxury Landscaping River Oaks Houston Landscaper

When River Oaks comes to mind, you think—upscale, discriminating, high quality, impeccable taste, attention to detail. These qualities are also applicable to the River Oaks landscaping by bdh Landscaping. With more than 13+ years of experience in landscape design, project management and maintenance contracts,  bdh Landscaping understands the wants and desires of a discerning clientele. To each landscaping project, we bring the highest integrity, creative and quality work using experienced contractors, and a commitment to customer service.

The personal touch, the artistic final details, inventive nuances, ingenuity and innovative solutions are just the kind of landscaping discriminating clients expect and we deliver exactly the best in Landscape Design & Installation Services in Houston.

Additionally, our landscaping crews are the best in the business. They are well-trained, detail-oriented and experienced, traits they put to work on each task, whether it is a straight forward seasonal color change or a complex construction project.

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Backyard Landscaping River Oaks - Luxury Landscaping River Oaks Houston LandscaperBackyard Landscaping River Oaks : River Oaks Landscaping: Codes and Permits

An important, add-on value of professional Houston landscape designers is a complete knowledge of local codes and permits. In fact, no landscape design project is truly effective without this characteristic. For instance, if you are building a new house or remodeling your present home, you need to consider the permitting requirements for lot coverage, tree preservation and removal, drainage systems, storm water retention, pool design, landscape lighting, fencing and gates. bdh Landscaping stays up-to-date on this region’s frequently changing codes, rules, regulations and procedures to make sure your landscaping project goes smoothly.

If you work with a Houston landscaping company those unfamiliar with local codes, regulations and permitting, it can negatively impact your budget. Construction can actually be brought to a halt until all the proper procedures and protocols are followed. Any resulting fines and penalties, re-installation requirements to bring the project up to code, and the time required for re-inspection can become quite costly.

We are experts in the tools of the trade, such as plants, stone & luxury landscape designs. Because of our tenure in the business, we have connections that provide our clients with products that are trustworthy and proven—and will create memorable landscapes. Further, we will not lower our standards even if it is more cost-effective to use sub-par materials. In this way, we achieve our mission to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in River Oaks.

About River Oaks Demographics

River Oaks is an affluent community located in the geographic center of Houston, Texas, United States. Located within the 610 Loop and between Downtown and Uptown, the community spans 1,100 acres (450 ha). Established in the 1920s by brothers William and Michael Hogg, the community became a well-publicized national model for community planning. River Oaks is one of the wealthiest communities in Texas and the United States. Real estate values in the community range from $1 to over $20 million. The community is home to River Oaks Country Club, which includes a golf course designed by architect Donald Ross.

Backyard Landscaping River Oaks