Houston Landscape Lighting Design

Houston Landscape Lighting Design
Specialists in Creative Landscape Lighting Artistry

Houston Landscape Lighting Design

‘Our design philosophy – our ability/expertise to enhance your property by using the appropriate techniquest, accentuating the beauty of your property without over illuminating

  • Variety of specialty lights to create a unique and elegant look
  • Warranty and service programs
  • Use of quality solid brass, copper and aircraft grade aluminum fixtures
  • Award winning Philips LED light engines
  • No bulbs to replace – EVER
  • Landscape and lighting expertise to create optimal esthetics for your yard, including transplanting/trimming shrubs for the optimal lighten effect
  • Family owned business with focus on satisfied & life long customers
  • Lights are upgradable to protect your initial investment
  • “Dual” referral program
  • Services all of Houston metropolitan area
  • Integrated LED vs. LED bulb case study

Landscaping Lighting Enhancements for Houston Homes

How would you like to increase your living space? Increase your living environment as much as you want with low voltage landscape lighting. BDH Landscaping designers understand that a well thought-out lighting portrait blends interior living spaces with exterior ones and vice-versa. The interior does not overshadow the exterior, but rather they each accentuate and balance one another to create harmonious cohesion and a sense of continuous space.

Houston Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Entertainment

Make the night come alive with exterior low volt ambiance and landscape lighting! Enhance the beauty of your home and landscape with the perfect lighting. The philosophy behind every lighting project is to create a unique and inviting environment that complements your lifestyle, accentuates your surroundings and provides you with overall beauty. Simply stated, without light there is no space. Light has the ability to produce varying intensities and dimensions, creating visual compositions that can be dramatic, harmonious and romantic.

Low volt landscape lighting goes beyond just safety and security. It helps blend interior and exterior spaces, making your home feel larger. Night lighting illuminates key features, turning even the most mundane item into an object d’art. Investing in a well designed professionally installed landscape lighting system extends the time you are able to spend outdoors. It is the one investment that encompasses time, beauty, safety and security

Landscape Lighting Safety / Security

Landscape lighting is the primary deterrent to residential crime. You can provide safety and security to your loved ones with outdoor lighting. Lighting professionals agree that a well-designed lighting portfolio can increase the safety and security of your home by eliminating accidents and vandalism.

Houston Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Value

Increase “curb appeal” and enhance the overall architecture of your home with low voltage landscape lighting. Investing in a BDH Landscaping lighting project is not simply icing on the cake; it is the one feature that increases the value of your home while allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying your investment. Outdoor lighting, designed and installed by the professionals at BDH Landscaping will be an investment in your home, life and well being.

As night falls the relationship between your home and your landscape becomes fragmented, the purpose of landscape lighting design is to reestablish that relationship. Complete Landscape sculpture will provide an outdoor lighting plan that acknowledges the unique qualities of your home and landscaping. Our goal is to enhance your property, extend the hours of enjoyment and provide an outdoor landscape lighting design for the safety of your family and guests. We will evaluate equipment performance and site conditions then design a plan to achieve the outdoor lighting effects you desire.

Houston Landscape Lighting Design

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